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The lawyers have already cost us the chance to hear Frank Gorshin's comments by delaying things too long.
Certainly archival 1960s, 70s, 80s interviews with Frank Gorshin discussing his The Riddler character on Batman series could be located and licensed as well as Burgess Meredith and Eartha Kitt. Why people discount archival interviews I don't understand. I would prefer interviews from the 60s or 70s personally. If they are from the 1960s they would be on film and possibly be able to be telecine'd to high definition. Certainly the BBC has done some retrospective on the Batman TV series that could be licensed.

also additional details
9. Home video (non-) release

of note:
material that would be considered DVD featurettes has been released separately. In 2004, Image Entertainment released Holy Batmania, a two-DVD set that included documentaries on the making of the series, as well as rare footage such as the original screen tests of the cast and Lyle Waggoner. [15]

And in 2008, Adam West released a privately issued DVD with the tongue-in-cheek title Adam West Naked for which he recorded anecdotes regarding all 120 episodes of the series.
- listing for Holy Batmania
the documentary was produced in conjunction with 20th Century-Fox, the studio behind the TV show.
Included are West and Ward's screen test
Both West and Ward are interviewed at length, as well as Gorshin, Newmar, Romero,
interviews recorded shortly before their respective deaths. Most of the interviews date from 1989, and the show may have been a 2002 reworking of older material.
from the dvdtalk review
Disc 1 includes 43 minute documentary and separate minidocs on Adam West, Cesar Romero (The Joker), and Julie Newmar (The Catwoman).

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Perhaps they're waiting for a Blu Ray release.
Yes I've been. After seeing TOS-R I think the Batman 1966 series could look just as good if transferred from the 35mm cut original negatives. Last year I made a thread.
'Batman' 1966-68 live-action TV series wish for Blu-ray/DVD

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