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Re: Batman: 1 parent instead of 2

I've never been crazy about the post-'80s idea of Batman as some borderline psychopath acting out an elaborate revenge fantasy. That just doesn't add up for me. Even in the wake of tragedy, someone raised in such a nurturing and prosperous environment would probably turn out to be pretty well-adjusted, for the most part. Sure, it would take a certain obsessiveness to become Batman, but no worse than the kind of obsessiveness that makes Reed Richards a great scientist or Lois Lane a great reporter.
I agree, although I don't think the "borderline psychopath" really came to prominance until the mid-90s or so, especially after Knightfall. Batman definitely did become darker post-Miller, but under the pen of writers such as Alan Grant, Jim Starlin, Peter Milligan and other late 80s/early 90s batscribes, he essentially retained his humanity. But gradually, Miller's bitter aged Batman became the standard characterisation (although I do think that's lightened a bit in the last few years).
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