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Re: The Tardis Exterior Final Designs Thread

Here is a sort of vision I had as to what the War Spires of the Time Lords, AKA War Tardises, would look like in formation above Gallifrey, ready to tackle the Daleks in their ships..

I hope you like it..

Uploaded with
the description I used for the Tardis design is listed below, I got that from this website source:

It occurred to me, that if the Time Lords were to succeed, they would need a 3 door approach to their tardises, 2 doors on each side would release a contingent of Raston Warrior Robots-Mark V, and the main entrance would be for the Chancellery Troopers.. for invasion on Dalek ships, or planetary conflicts..I also figured that since we knew that Daleks were experts at fighting Tardises in the Time War, that the New Tardis would come with a spacial anchor, which melds the Tardis with an object in this reality, whereby the Daleks can not take the ship in tow, like they did the Tardis from the stolen earth to the the end of season 4

Less then 20 years before the beginning of the last Time War the first Type 91x TARDISes, prototypes for the Type 91, were created. Their default shapes are deliberately large and eye-catching - usually appearing to be gold space ships - massive spires of gold, with corkscrews at the tip and covered in spikes. The Type 91 would continue to be produced for at least the first 50 years of the Time War. They are equipped with a variety of weapons which can be launched from their Time Warp Silos including:

  • Earthshock Bombs consist of fission-fusion devices that create a tiny hole in the Space-Time Continuum. This creates massive amounts of radiation and intertemporal shock waves. These weapons were occasionally mounted on Type 40 TARDISes around the time of the Doctor's birth and were capable of reducing large asteroids to rubble.
  • Time Torpedoes are also launched from the Time Warp Silos of a War TARDIS. It takes a little over 30 seconds for them to reach their target. When they detonate, their target is frozen in a microsecond of space-time for several centuries. These weapons are capable of breaching even a TARDIS's defenses.
  • A Tuckson-Jacker Energy Weapon is based on the technology used in certain weather control systems. When set to broad spectrum, the Tuckson-Jacker Energy can tractor a TARDIS out of the Vortex and into real space. When set to pulse-mode, the Tuckson-Jacker Energy bursts are capable of penetrating a TARDIS Force Field. A successful hit renders both the TARDIS and the Time Lord operator incapacitated. Any Lesser humanoid species that was aboard would be killed.
  • An Artron Cannon, which is capable (at point blank range) of killing a Chronovore or an Eternal. A more general form of this weapon includes the ability to release an omni-directional psychic blast of Artron Energy by opening a direct wormhole to the Prime Eye of Harmony on Gallifrey. The resulting burst of Artron Energy will kill any Timeships that are within the blast radius. The blast will also destroy any Chronovores in the area.
  • A powerful Vortex Lance rounds out the offenses of a Type 91 War TARDIS.
Here is something to look forward to as I design all the time lord tardises and their bow ships, and even mapping of the citadel!

The Proto-Tardis:

the Proto-Tardis, was a half formed ship, very similar to the modern day Tardis, in it's basic design, yet the bulk and size of the ship was much less then you would expect.. it's crew capacity could only support at best 100 Time Lords, and that included engineers, and science lords.

Rassilon's Tardis:

As the ancient Black scrolls foretold, the powers and devices Rassilon created for subjugation and to conquer other races, were abominable..never the less, the Tardis specifically built for Rassilon in the ancient days was a Type 7, and was the only Type 7 Tardis's sheer size and mass was unbelievable. Though not as advanced as some may have dreamed, the Type 7 was pretty advanced for it's day. The interior was majestic, and had ornate columns, and sculpted time lord statues, as well as giant Time lord statues holding up various parts of the ship, and included ornate laurel leaf symbols, and ancient High Gallifreyan text, in certain places..It was the control room that was the most intriguing of the type 7. The room was a large domed Panopticon, with a ceiling that was at least 17 feet high, and was supported by pillars all around. the center of the room housed a large console, which fanned outward in 3 directions..

above the console in a throne like setting was where Rassilon sat, commanding his ship and personal army about the cosmos. Rassilon's Tardis had the ability to open a large gateway to a weapons store within the Tardis, accessible through the massive exterior. The Default outer shell of Rassilon's Tardis was no less then a Massive Ornate and sculpted Monolith. Intimidation was a key strategy of Rassilon's, and worked more often then brute force, sometimes all Rassilon had to do was land the Type 7 Tardis on a planet and remain there silent for a few days, and the inhabitants would be so scared, they would give up!

Rassilon's ship carried a legion of Raston Warrior Robots, a contingent of Chancellery Guard, a science/medical crew of about 35, an engineering crew of 25, and an advisory executive crew of 15, and a council ruling class contingent of 9 high Ranking Time Lords.

Rassilon's Garage contained hover Tanks, and various warfare devices for planetary subjugation..including drones, and a planetary isolation field generator.
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