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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

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I suppose I never had the problem that every story didn't match the standard morality tale structure with an embodiment and punishment for a specific sin at the center, because I don't actually like the concept in the first place. As I said in my review, I was very doubtful of the concept when the anthology was announced, and was just hoping that we'd get good stories despite it. Which is why I am pleasantly surprised that I liked the stories for themselves and that they're not too spoiled by preachiness. A couple of stories do - more or less - match the morality tale requirements (The First Peer, The Slow Knife) but they're good in spite of it, not because of it (IMO).
I wasn't necessarily looking for a morality tale. I remember reading the back cover summary and thinking "Oooh, cool!"

That was more of a letdown, for me. Not necessarily that they didn't match the sin (although that would have been an extra plus) but rather that the back cover summary didn't match up to Freedom Angst's and Revenant's plots..

I don't tend to read most things, not even in the bookstore as a precursor to buying unless

A) I'm required to do to class/work/committee assignments,
B) The back cover/Wikipedia/User Reviews set off a little lightbulb/klaxon in my head, and
C) The book is by an author I have read before and/or am familiar with.

Now, that's not a fool-proof, solve-everything approach (Before Dishonor comes to mind), but I find it works. In this case, it worked overall. That's the other thing about anthologies for me: If I get that lightbulb/klaxon at less than 50% +1 of the stories, I don't bother with it, especially if there are novels nearby that I do want.
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