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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

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. My problem with Freedom Angst is that I never really felt the lust part. It felt a bit forced, and the only character that really matched the lust was the Intendant, but even that fell flat.
I really don't understand this criticism. Is it possible that so many people have a completely different understanding of the word 'lust' than I do? Oxford dictionary defines it as 1. strong sexual desire, 2. passionate desire for something. Besides the Intendant, there is Sisko having an extramarital affair with Kasidy, Janel making a pass at Sisko... heck, you may say that what love is not the same as lust so Jennifer wouldn't qualify but I'm not sure that the theologists in the Middle Ages would see the difference. And if you take it in the non-sexual sense, then other people like Stan Devitt and Bokar were lusting for more power and comfort, as did Sisko, really. What exactly is 'lust', according to you, and what did people expect to see in a story about lust? People having orgies?

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In regards to The Unhappy Ones, I was never sure whose wrath it really referred to...
Why would it have to refer to just one character's anger? Showing a bunch of people who are angry and hateful at each other is more interesting, I think. If every story had one person who embodies a 'sin' and gets punished in the end, it would be a bit too literal and very predictable, you would see the ending coming from the start, like in every morality tale.
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