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Re: Apple The New Comics Censors

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So give people an option to turn Flash off; that's what Android does. It's certainly what I'm planning to do when 2.2 finally gets pushed out.
Let me get this straight, you want Apple to add Flash to the iPhone just so you can turn it off as soon as you get it out of the box ?

The Internet is supposed to be about open standards. There's nothing open about Flash. One company has made the Internet all about them and it's not Apple.

Hasn't been a problem for Android. To install apps not from the market, you need to go through the menu and turn the option on. A warning pops up telling you the potential hazards and you hit okay. Done.
As I said, that's a ticking time bomb. I can't wait for the pained expressions on the faces of people in the tabloid newspapers whose phones dialled premium rate numbers in the middle of the night.

On my Android phone, I'm currently using a Home app replacement (LauncherPro) which handles the home screens instead of the build in app. There are several choices available. I'm currently using a keyboard replacement (Swype), though I've also used Smart Keyboard in the past. There are a few others available. There are even 3rd party dialers to choose from, though all the ones I've seen so far are pretty ugly. There are also a myriad of choices for music players available (which is good, because the stock Android player is pretty naff). All on my phone, which isn't a PC.
You are an edge case. Apple make a phone with a specific user interface and a specific user experience. Your choice is to buy that phone or not.

That's great; it doesn't help US users. At the moment, the only major US carrier that's lagging behind in Android devices is AT&T... three guesses as to why.
Because AT&T's network sucks and they don't want any more data heavy devices on their network than they already have ?

Actually, no. To unlock an iPhone, you have to jailbreak it. Apple has stated that they believe that jailbreaking an iPhone is a violation of the DMCA and have issued takedown notices to sites that have instructions on how to jailbreak. They have not yet tried to go after individual users. They probably won't, because it isn't worth their time... but this is certainly more then just dropping support. See here.
I have not seen an actual instance of Apple pressing any kind of charges or taking any kind of legal action against a user for jailbreaking an iPhone.

Yes, you have that choice if you don't go with the iPhone. That was my point.
I don't see how it's that much of a criticism against Apple. As I said, they have created a specific device with a specific user experience. It is up to you to buy that device or not.

Again, that was my point. The original question I was responding to was "why would you want an Android phone instead of an iPhone." Everything I said in response where things that you can do with an Android device that you cannot with an iPhone. Certainly not everyone will care about these things and I don't expect them too; I do and that's why I went with a Nexus One. If someone prefers the experience and walled garden of the iPhone, then they can go for it. My fundamental point here is that for some people, Android phones represent a better choice for their needs then the iPhone. That's all.
In general the main arguments against the iPhone seem to be from people who see some feature, often one that's an edge case that only they are interested in, that is missing and turn it in to a moral crusade.

If people want a moral crusade, how about going after the proprietary plug-in that has cornered off a huge chunk of the Internet for itself ?

Who here actually likes Flash ? Wouldn't it be better if your browser supported the things Flash does without having to install a buggy, battery draining plug-in that isn't responsible for a significant portion of all browser crashes ?
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