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Re: Apple The New Comics Censors

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Flash (coming soon)?
Unfortunately, unlike Symbian which is designed for mobile devices, the iPhone OS isn't. Notorious battery killers like Flash aren't going to happen any time soon.

Installing apps from a source other then the official store?
This is a ticking time bomb for any OS that supports letting apps do whatever they like on a device that can make phone calls.

Being able to customize the OS and swap out built in apps?
It's a phone, not a PC.

Use it on another network from AT&T?
iPhones are available on at least four different networks here.

Be able to unlock your phone without being accused of breaking the law?
All Apple have said is that if you break it in the attempt, it's your fault. That's all.

Have a choice of multiple devices to better suit your specific needs and cost requirements?
You have that choice. Nokia will sell you a phone to suit any need, as will many other handset manufacturers.

Being able to buy apps that Apple hasn't rejected for arbitrary reasons?
Ultimately, it's their store, they are responsible for what is sold on it and they have to ensure that their device plays nice on other people's networks - they have to make sure that their phone doesn't drive down the street with its snow tyres on in the middle of July.
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