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Re: Star Trek Technology Coming To Life

How much of this is "Star Trek technology", though? And how much is generic scifi stuff instead, something familiar from the 1930s already?

Portable communications devices would have been a staple long before Trek came along. It's just unfortunate IMHO that today's phones are lumps in your hand, ST style, rather than wrist devices, Dick Tracy style, or headsets, virtually every other scifi comic style.

The vaguely computerized stylus and pad appear in many scifi tomes, too. The TNG PADD wasn't so much a forerunner or a prediction as it was an updating of the TOS pad style to match already existing technologies...

As for compact handheld sensors, it's a bit funny how they always appear to be the same, slightly-too-large-for-comfort, not-quite-handheld size in all Trek eras (although we can assume their capabilities increase as centuries go by). Why not something that's comfortable and unobtrusive even if slightly less capable - i.e. the wristwatch approach again?

Impulse engines are NOT Ion Drives and have never been described and/or insinuated as such.
Indeed, an ion drive was suggested to be something really exotic for our Trek heroes in "Spock's Brain"... Although that was probably a Trek ion drive, unrelated to the real-world thing.

Timo Saloniemi
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