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Re: Time for a black or Latino Spider-Man

What I am saying and have said since my initial post is the Halle Berry character is original. And her Catwoman bears little to no resemblance to the Selina Kyle character. How many times do I have to repeat that?

The Halle film is a little unique in terms of using a familiar name, the name Catwoman isn't made up for the film, but the Patience Price character is, which pretty much renders naming it Catwoman moot, since a lot of people associate the character with Selina Kyle. She is a new character and her Catwoman a new heroine. The Patience Price character with some tweaks could've just as easily been turned into Vixen. I mean, now that the comic book version sort of looks like Halle and is a model, the Catwoman film might've worked better as a Vixen film.

So I think Catwoman, despite the familiar name, is part of a pattern of making superhero movies, with black main characters, outside of established black comic book characters. There was no Patience Price in comic books before Halle's Catwoman, and to my knowledge there was no PP after the film came out, except for the likely comic book adaptation.

As for the old show, was it ever portrayed that Batman called the Catwomen by their real names or actually went out to discover their identities? I don't think he ever did that.

Prince of Persia example was not about ethnicity, it was about cross marketing. And using wholly original characters might make it harder to cross market material, or build on stuff already created.

Sometimes I would like to see more blacks and other non-white characters actually headline comic book films and not just be sidekicks, comic relief, etc. If you think that's complaining,that's your right. But even you can't deny the dearth of non-white leads for superhero films, despite a decent number of non-white superheroes at both major comic book companies, during this comic book movie boom. If you think I'm 'complaining' for pointing that out, that's your right. But it doesn't change the fact, nor does it do nothing to address some concerns that I and others share about this issue. I would like to see movies in which kids who are not white males can see people who look like them saving the world sometimes too.

I hope the SHIELD film gets made but there are many fanboys, generally white I'm assuming, who are probably still griping about Sam Jackson being Fury. Just like there is some grumbling about Idris Elba in the Thor film. Though I'm got a good suspicion that Scarlett Johannsen will be playing just as major a role as Fury in a SHIELD film, but beggars can't be choosy. And Don Cheadle has already stated that War Machine will not be getting a solo deal or his own series. Regarding other black heroes: Luke Cage is in development hell, there appear to be no plans to resurrect Blade, and I've heard grumbles about Black Panther, but nothing definite. So how exactly is that change at Marvel? Don't know if Falcon will be in the Captain America movies, Fury will be in the first, and I'm assuming Falcon will probably be in the second. So, outside of Fury (a white character made black), there's one potentially definite film with a black lead since Blade Trinity. That's a lot of change.

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