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Re: The Children of Kings

The cover art showed Pike and Spock as were seen in (different era) TOS tho the uniforms didnt match the books timeline (as far as i know), the line about one the redshirted crewmen made wonder where is this taking place? It wasnt until the book was almost over that I stumbled upon the note that this takes place in the other universe, or could have....then i was really confused.
The relationship between Pike and Number One is very different than the one in Vulcans Glory.
This book is in its own little world which is fine, if I would have known about it going into the story it would have been nice. Because its just confusing without knowing that.
I liked it but didn't love it. One day I will re-read it, but now moving on to Star Trek : Voyager Unworthy. A historians note in the beginning would have helped.
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