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Re: Time for a black or Latino Spider-Man

DarKush wrote: View Post
Catwoman was original in the sense that the movie Catwoman was not Selina Kyle, but a totally new character, Patience Price. On the old Batman TV series, all the women playing Catwoman were considered, to my knowledge, Selina Kyle....
Just goin' by on this, but the Lee Meriwether Catwoman used the regular name of Kitka (which went with her cover as a Russian, of course), while Julie Newmar's Catwoman used the name Minerva Mathews.

And do ya really think Eartha Kitt, a short black woman, was supposed to be the same character previously portrayed by tall white women?

... I don't think there were any Hancock action figures despite that movie's popularity.
I don't think Hancock was really all that "kid friendly," thus, no action figures. Would his accessories have included empty liquor bottles and an Asian's head up his own ass, human centipede-style?

Hermiod wrote: View Post
^We really shouldn't use the Batman TV show as an example. They just shoved people who were popular at the time in to any role that was available. That's why we got a guy who refused to shave off his moustache as the Joker too.
From what I've read, the folks "shoved" into roles wanted to be on the series because of its popularity at the time.

And Cesar Romera wasn't a bad Joker at all...too bad the blu ray has such a great picture quality, though. Ya can see his mustache! I never even noticed as a kid...
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