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Re: Time for a black or Latino Spider-Man

Catwoman was original in the sense that the movie Catwoman was not Selina Kyle, but a totally new character, Patience Price. On the old Batman TV series, all the women playing Catwoman were considered, to my knowledge, Selina Kyle. That TV show, and I believe at least one comic-maybe one of the Frank Miller comics-portrayed a black Kyle, but the movie chose to go in another direction.

The larger point I was trying to make was that the comic companies/movie studios aren't mining the non-white characters they have, that are already established, and just as often as not the films getting made involve totally new creations. I'm not completely opposed to that, but I think it would be nice to build on established black and other non-white characters so that it can lead to more support for their past stories (more published collections), more encouragement to use or continue to use them in current storylines, more non-white characters headlining books, support for new non-white characters, more toys, video games, etc. With a wholly original character, I haven't seen much of that kind of marketing where black characters are concerned. I don't think there were any Hancock action figures despite that movie's popularity.
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