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Re: Star Trek Technology Coming To Life

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The Cell Phone was basically a successful attempt at replicating Kirk's flip communicator.
The difference is that today's cellphones require a widespread infrastructure of microwave relay towers and/or satellites. And so far, we don't have a cellphone that can communicate directly with a spacecraft in orbit.

Hospital beds today have compact monitors that display the patient's heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs. But sensors still have to be physically attached to the patient's body. We've a way to go before we have diagnostic medical scanners like the ones in Star Trek.
Well you are correct, we are definitely ways off from having the "actual" trek tech. All efforts so far have achieved primitive forms of the advanced trek tech we see.

I mean, I can't even remember what, if any type of energy was used to communicate with a spacecraft in orbit from a button communicator. But the communicators must have some serious battery power, because Worf was able to use 2 of them as a power source for a personal shield that lasted about 10 seconds.

As for the Tricorder, well, even though there's push for portable scanning devices like that, well, if at all they will ever be possible, we are still quite a bit away from such devices.
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