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Re: Why is the Adam West's Batman TV series not on DVD?

As a kid, this show WAS the definitive batman. The costumes were cool, Batgirl was HOT, the car secretly belonged to me and I was just loaning it to Adam West, and my set of Mego toys completed the ensemble. As an adult, the campy spoofs are hilarious and with the quantity of Batman fans surely out there (you KNOW this from the continued toy manufacturing, new movie releases, etc) you KNOW there is an immediate consumer group for this release.

I would buy the DVD set on pre-order as soon as available. In fact, I've already bought DVD-R copies of this series, but NONE of them are studio quality.

It pathetic that shows like "Mork & Mindy", "Gilligan's Island", "Hogan's Heros", and many others are officially avaiable for purchase on DVD, but this iconic and era-defining show remains unreleased.

And they should not cut the cameos. The wall-climbing gags were one of the regular jokes on the show, and cutting them would be like Luke without his lightsaber due to legal issues.

Hollywood execs, this is ENTERTAINMENT business, so do your jobs and start entertaining. Get past the petty royalties squabbles and deliver products that consumer want to buy. Namely, Adam West as Batman.
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