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Re: Time for a black or Latino Spider-Man

MeanJoePhaser wrote: View Post
Everytime there's even a remote possibility of a franchise reboot out comes the "Time for a black, latino, or female _________ (James Bond, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Starbuck )."
While I don't mind some diversity, sometimes we are used to the way a character looks. For instance, I'm used to seeing a white guy portray Batman; but a character like The Saint (which hasn't really been seen since Roger Moore; and don't mention that horrific Val Kilmer film)...could be portrayed by an Asian, black, Latino, etc...

Now that I think of it, portraying Simon Templar was a dream role of mine; but, I think that's kind of been replaced by Superman...

Beyond Antares wrote: View Post
This thread isn't going to end well.

Anyway...I think people are trying to make this about race when it isn't. To me, it's a perfectly valid statement to say "let's stick to the look of the comic book as closely as possible". For instance, a lot of fans might not want Spider-Man to be blond or freckled. That doesn't mean that anybody has anything against people with those traits. From that perspective, skin color is just another trait.
Of course, it never is about race.

There are some double standards out there whenever the subject of ethnicity (which also encompasses skin color) comes out in terms of heroes, be it fictional or reality.

Anywho, this thread may be something I can use. I'm actually gathering info for a personal research project, which may turn into something bigger academically, as well as something for a writing project.

Dream wrote: View Post
Randomly turning white superheroes black is dumb.

There are black superheroes out there like Blade and War Machine.
There are some--I'm actually one of them--who say the same thing about Asian superheroes (and possibly other non-white superheroes) randomly being turned into white superheroes...when there are many white superheroes out there.


I do have a copy in a box, and I'm too lazy to search for it--especially since I'm doing three things at once right now (one of which is typing on Trektoday)--of Marvel's 'What if' of Batman, who was a black man, in a ridiculous suit; and Robin, who was a troubled Asian kid in a red bandana.

I still have yet to read it even though I bought it years ago; but, aside from the silly costume for 'Batman' looked interesting.
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