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Re: Just watched Star Trek V - pros and cons

I just saw STV again for the first time in years yesterday (first time on DVD), and I loved it.

I agree it was the most TOS-like of the movies, by far.

The effects? I found them quaint. I'd hate to see a CG'd version. Painted model on a string for me any day! I loved the effect in the observation lounge, seeing the barrier slowly grow larger and larger. I hadn't noticed that before.

Sybok was great. Kirk, Spock and McCoy were great. The humor? OTT, but easily ignored. Scottyhura? Bad idea.

I never thought much about it before, but I really liked the Enterprise bridge in STV. After seeing VI a bit ago, it was nice someone turned the lights on in V.

Overall I think The Shat really got what Star Trek was about.
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