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Re: Just watched Star Trek V - pros and cons

I like that Sybok is getting some due here. He is, when you think about it, the best-motivated, most-nuanced antagonist a Trek film ever had. Every other villain, with the possible exception of Kruge, but especially Khan and Nero, is really just kind of an evil asshole. Sybok was different, in that you got that he was fundamentally a pretty good guy, which is why he was so dangerous--he was a fundamentally good guy who was fanatical about dangerous ideas.

In this regard, the film is probably the clearest statement of the Roddenberryesque view on religion. They found the Abrahamic God--and blew Him up. And Sybok suddenly becomes an actual good guy, just as soon as he accepts that his previously zealous faith was totally misplaced (or just flat-out wrong). Just as I think of TMP as "The Changeling's Better Second Draft," I think of TFF as "Who Mourns for Adonais, But Good."

And you know, even though I rather enjoy TOS, I'd still take TFF over any individual episode.

Edit: I will concede that the S/VFX are shit throughout, except I liked the effect used to create the Great Barrier.

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