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Re: Where did Spock go?

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Sure, we all have our views. But... in fiction, things can and will change, especially after 40 years. It isn't automatically better or worse for it.

All that's happened here is some fans weren't given what they wanted, which they were never entitled to or owed to begin with. To listen to 3D Master and Hyperbole9 overstating things while patting each other on the back like nodding dogs, you'd think there was a real problem beyond their own personal disappointment.

There ain't. Star Trek moved on, did something new, which it's allowed to do.
You're wrong. Because if it did something that I didn't want, but was still good, I would say so. However, this movie is a plot-hole ridden pile of shit, that stabs a stake through the heart of Star Trek several times over.

It is a level of ineptitude and outright disdain for the source material that is horrible in its existence.
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