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Re: Where did Spock go?

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I think the spirit of TOS is what makes this movie so good.
Then we definately have a different interpretation of TOS' essence because from what I saw I didn't recognize one sliver of commonality between TOS and Abrams' crapfest.
Oh, there are commonalities.

However, nuTrek is more of a popcorn movie. Fun, a good summer movie flick, with some mild liking for the characters. I can't, however, see it leading to the kind of show (or series of movies) that will build a small, but loyal fanbase as TOS did, the kind of fanbase that is still around after 40 odd years.

As long as the new movies make enough money to make TPTB happy, we'll keep seeing nuTrek. I don't expect it to bring new fans permanently into the fold. It's the kind of movie that will bring temporary fans perhaps, who will in a short time move on to something else.

Personally, I think Trek has run its course. It's been much longer than I expected; when I was 13 I thought I had missed it all. It was really just beginning - with 4 series to go and eleven movies following the original Star Trek.
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