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Re: 5x09 Cold Blood (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!!

Having Amy forget seemed reasonable. After all the last time Rory 'died' she promptly killed herself. And the show needs her character to be able to function til at least the finale.

And yes I'm still holding out hope that the crack will spit him back out once the series finale rolls around.

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At any rate CJ, you really haven't seen these exact same tropes at least a half dozen times before in different media? What was there that made these characters special?

Also, what about the army of Silurians stepping out of hibernation after how many years and instantly ready to follow Restak(?) in not only killing the humans, but also a defenseless scientist and their wise leader? That would seem to fit your definition of "die puny humans".
I'm not really interested in other mediums here, just DW. Okay, maybe I phrased it wrongly. My point was that since Who came back we haven't seen this sort of internal conflict among the monsters of the week. You've certainly never seen Sontaran, Cybermen, or even Krillitane debating whether what they're doing is right. I mean hell, just having an alien species who isn't totally evil is unusual in iitself.

All I'm saying is I enjoyed them a lot more than the average DW monster.
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