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Re: What Are You Eating/Drinking Right Now?

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Kestra, here's a really good tip for sore throats. Black licorace. Get the "bites" i think they are called. Chew up a piece or two but don't swallow it. Let the 'juice' slowly go down your throat a little bit at a time. It helps like you wouldn't believe. Which i guess is why remedies like "ricola" have licorace in them. But if you buy the big bag of bites it lasts longer and is a lot cheaper. I actually buy a big bag and let them get hard (stale really,i guess) and then suck on a piece. It is amazing how well it works!

Feel better hon!
Thanks! When I get sick it tends to be rather intense, but I'm willing to try just about anything. Especially with finals week coming up. I'll look into getting some black licorice!
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