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Re: 5x09 Cold Blood (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!!

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I have to admit that even though I'd thought that Amy's fixation on the Doctor was unhealthy and that the Doctor probably had ulterior motives for bringing Amy aboard, "Amy's Choice" made it clear that the Doctor does have some romantic feelings for her, and I had been shipping Amy/Doctor a bit. I'm wondering how the erasure of Rory will affect the Doctor/Amy relationship -- and at the same time, I find myself unexpectedly sad, as I found myself simultaneously shipping Amy/Rory (which turned out to be a much sweeter and more organic relationship than I'd thought it would be).
I think the Doctor has to be feeling a ton of guilt over what he's inadvertantly taken from Amy. So many what ifs - if he'd ignored the crack, or made sure they were in the TARDIS before reaching into it, or dragged Rory away from the light before it got to him, or acted a little quicker with the sonic to disable the weapon, etc. The thing about shipping for the Doctor with anybody is you know it will end badly; he can never have a happily ever after with anybody. So 10 years down the road when Amy's left him (as she inevitably will), she'll have nobody to go home to or share her memories of traveling in the TARDIS with. She'll end up like Sara Jane Smith did.

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I do but I would think a tough thick venomed filled Lizard could handle a few jolts, she didn't hit her that often and they called us weak apes
She could have jolted her many more times than was shown. Plus she held it for a long time; you're only supposed to deliver a quick zap and then stop.

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This show seems very keen on using forgetting stuff as a way of not dealing with the consequences of events. So we've killed off Rory, and wiped it from Amy's mind so that she can carry on next week as if nothing had happened. So... what was the point of him existing in the first place again? A totally inconsequential character death with little or no emotional impact at all. And how does Rory never having existed fit with the timeline of the last couple of episodes in which he played a role in the plot, and which needed to happen to get to this point?
It's sure to have an emotional impact on the Doctor. Rory did save him a regeneration by shoving him out of the way of that Silurian weapon. And as I said above, he knows that Amy's lost someone she wanted to spend her life with, even if she doesn't.
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