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Re: 5x09 Cold Blood (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!!

Jax wrote: View Post
Was going to give it good but the finale made it Excellent though how did Lea dye from a taser ?.
For humans, sure. Obviously Silurian physiology doesn't handle massive jolts of electricity to the heart region very well.

Rowan Sjet wrote: View Post

What personalities?!? They were cyphers, nothing more. The angry military leader (with familial connections to the soldier us humans just killed, of course), the wise elder, the morally resolute scientist (who's totally fine with VIVISECTION btw, but lets just ignore that this episode). And all played their usual roles in this cliche ridden suckfest.
Damn, what're you so pissed off about?

Compared to the usual 'Die, puny humans!' aliens we normally get on the show, yes, I thought they had tons of personality.

aloha62 wrote: View Post
Another awful episode to finish off a very bad two parter.

But at least that whiny prat is dead now and hopefully for good.

But i have got a really bad feeling there's going to be a deus ex machina that's going to resurrect the useless moron.
HEY WATCH IT. Some of us were rather fond of that whiny prat thank you very much.
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