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Re: 5x09 Cold Blood (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!!

Excellent episode. The death of Rory was handled wonderfully; I've been avoiding spoilers, and it really came out of nowhere for me.

I have to admit that even though I'd thought that Amy's fixation on the Doctor was unhealthy and that the Doctor probably had ulterior motives for bringing Amy aboard, "Amy's Choice" made it clear that the Doctor does have some romantic feelings for her, and I had been shipping Amy/Doctor a bit. I'm wondering how the erasure of Rory will affect the Doctor/Amy relationship -- and at the same time, I find myself unexpectedly sad, as I found myself simultaneously shipping Amy/Rory (which turned out to be a much sweeter and more organic relationship than I'd thought it would be).

Makes ya wonder what's going to happen when the Pandorica opens.
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