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Re: Destination: Outer Space - The premiere is upon us!


First, my review ...

Destination: Outer Space is the fifth movie in a series of offbeat black and white homages to 50s era atomic/monster movies. It is a semi-sequel to the third, Cave Women on Mars, which introduced the main character, Captain Jackson.

Following the events of that third movie, Jackson has returned to Earth and was drummed out of the service. He was an astronaut. When his best friend shows up with a new job offer - returning to Rocket Command, in command of a fancy new single-person ship - he jumps at the chance.

Couple slight problems. One, he's a big old alcoholic. Two, something goes terribly wrong, and what was supposed to be a simple jump around the solar system lands him on the other side of the galaxy.

It's there that he stumbles into my ... er, B'Kee's bar, which is straight out of the Star Wars cantina. It's full of strange, exotic beings including one Yureena Null. I don't know if it was intentional (it's not mentioned in the commentary), but Yureena sounds like a female Londo Mollari.

Once these two meet, the plot goes at ludicrous speed, with loads of cameos, an ill-tempered robot, and the most horrifying monsters yet.

Technically speaking, it's the best Mihm film yet. Speaking as a fan, I have to agree, it's the best one yet.

Fans of the other movies will find a LOT of tie-ins and little gifts. But the writer has done a fantastic job of leaving it accessible for new viewers. (I watched it again today with people who hadn't seen any of the earlier movies, and they were following along with no problem, laughing at the right spots and enjoying it like they would any other movie)
And now, my comments on the night, and a little behind the scenes tidbits.

"Sorry. Wrong movie, buddy."
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