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Re: Flash sites on the iPad - here's how

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Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly do you do with an ipad? What advantages does it have over a laptop of approximately the same size?
The iPad is more compact, and functions excellently as an e-reader and media player. One of my favorite apps is At Bat, and you can guess why.

Seems like 90% of the internet uses flash.
Well, then 90% of the internet is crap, IMHO. Flash sucks. It's buggy and bloated and on its way out. HTML5 is where it's at.

I would think that would seriously cut down on your enjoyment of the internet. I mean, no Youtube?
The iPad has its own YouTube app.

It just seems to me like the ipad is like a giant iphone, so why not just use an iphone?
The iPad's screen is MUCH larger. And not everyone needs or wants a cellphone.
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