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Never used twitter and probably never will - I just don't see any use for it.
you know i only kinda played with it until the flood happend..
and well twitter has played a big part in saving people and especially in the rebuilding effort/

during the tennessee floods even if you called 911 and the rescue people got there they might not have one of their boats since they were at one of dozens of other places flooding.
both twiter and the local media by alerting volunteers were people needed help helped to save people.

twitter now plays a big part in rebuilding the areas effected by the flood.

it is one of the primary ways hands on nashville using to let people know that help is needed each day.

all kinds of needed information gets tweeted about.

plus it is fun using it for more mundane fun stuff like keeping up with your fav sports teams, restaurants ect..

i also like twitter because once you set it up on a computer you can get tweets through texts on your phone.
you dont have an expensive smart phone to use it.
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