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Re: Where did Spock go?

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How did Kirk J stay in Starfleet Academy with his attitude, and almost graduated in 3 years?
Well we never actually see him during his normal course of studies. He could still have been the "stack of books with legs" that Gary Mitchell spoke of.

Sure, Kirk was an asshole when we first met him at the bar, but he could have swung completely around and gone all-out into his work when he was at the Academy.
Yeah, the idea that Kirk is an asshole as a kid, entered the academy and asshole, exited the academy an asshole, spent his time being an asshole on board the Enterprise... but during the academy was conveniently a sweet nerd holding a stack of books. Said idea coming from movie/canon apologists trying to convince everyone, "No really, he's just canon Kirk, we just missed that part in the movie."

Aka, the asshole-saint-asshole-theory. Or even shorter, it's ass.

This coming from the same people claiming those who didn't like the movie are "canonistas".
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