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Re: May Challenge--The Sisterhood

I just discovered this. I need to check this forum more often!

Great work as always, NG. The exploration of hypothetical ship ethics is fascinating, particularly to someone who knows the essential importance you place on the concept of choice and the responsibility of such (and as you say a ship can't work quite like a non-ship being in that regard). I like how you handle this alternative way of demonstrating personal responsibility and nobility. I also particular like the Enterprise's acknowledgement that it does not know its purpose, what it is built for exactly...and the unanswered question of whether that matters. It doesn't know its place in the scheme of things...but does it need to, because in the Federation it might not work like that? That's quite unlike a Cardassian ship, which is less flexible (it has one clear purpose) and seemingly less "questioning", but with a strong sense of duty and honour within that more narrow framework. The Trager seems to me to reflect your view of the Cardassian psyche- on the one hand strongly hierarchial and somewhat instinctively "rigid" (if you'll forgive that clumsy term), but also demonstrating how individual outlook and personal moral beliefs work within that framework just like in any other race. The ship seems to work in a manner similiar to how you represent Macet- as unable to change his circumstances yet working to be the best he can be regardless, and making the most of it. If Trager is Cardassian, then Enterprise must be human (among others). A suggestion that humans might not fully have a sense of their purpose or role either? Hmmm, that gets me thinking a little of Iain Banks' Culture, and the "utopian" society presented there (particularly the motive for their war with the Idirans, if you ever read those books).

I also find it interesting that Trager offered prayers. Did she have any particular belief system in mind- Oralian, say? Or something unique to ships, not shared with organics?

Also, Trager comes across as an actual soldier, rather than just a "warship". You've done a good job of personifying it, and given your current avatar it's clear you have the subject in mind right now. So I'll just say you do a good job as usual of presenting the role of soldier with dignity. Trager is a soldier in the best sense of the word, I feel upon reading this, encapsulating what a soldier should be (I bring this up in part because something here resonated with a conversation I had with my grandfather not long ago, who as you know spent a lot of time in the army and thus had a strong opinion on this).

Really good work, overall, which is of course usual for your fan-fic.
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