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I use it in two ways.

One is to get my paintings and soaps out to a wider audience, though I keep the spam pretty light. A new painting or various other creation once a week at most.

The other half is to connect with people. You have to put a bit of work upfront and give it about a month but before too long you're connecting with people who share your same interests, keeping up on the very cutting news, and getting a slight thrill when some celeb or other person you admire replying or retweeting you.

I'm actually going to be meeting some twitter friends I just made this next weekend and I'm really excited.
Yeah, it can be a good way to make friends, for sure. I'm probably having a board game night on Monday with a few people I know predominantly through Twitter.

I think a lot of people simply don't understand how most people actually use Twitter. We're not just randomly letting the world know what we're having for dinner (though if I cook something good, I will engage in food porn occasionally), but rather we're making connections and having conversations. That's what it's about, in a nutshell. It's really a remarkable tool.
I've just stopped trying to explain it to anyone who isn't going to give it a month.
That's probably a good call. I just get sick of people going "But it's so pointless, hur hur!" and then get drawn into silly debates.

Yeah, your approach is almost definitely better.

What's your name on Twitter, btw? I always like adding more BBS folks.

EDIT: Nevermind, it's in your profile... [/ brilliant]
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