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Re: 5x09 Cold Blood (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!!

Liked the episode very much. The Silurian part was all resolved reasonably quickly, I thought, but of course, the main part here is Rory's death and the Doctor pulling a piece of the Tardis out of the crack.

This has just got me even more anticipated for the finale.

Though I could see it coming, Rory's death was actually quite a shock. I had grown to like him, and I thought he had made an excellent foil for the Doctor. I wonder if he'll return somehow when all this crack business is sorted out. There does seem to be something unfinished in his relationship with Amy.

As for the Silurian plot, am I the only one who wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to it, in a thousand years when they've woken up? Nasreen staying behind could lead to a story in the future. Or its just wishful thinking on my part.

The Silurian narration really reminded me of the End of Time. Not sure what I have to go on that, although it could mean something, it could just be a way of telling the story.
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