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Re: 5x09 Cold Blood (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!!

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Quite liked it. Liked that they didn't draw out the 'who will kill Alaya' thing too much. The narration by Stephen Moore was nicely ambiguous. Rory's death was quite a shock, even though I did kind of see it coming. Also, I pretty much expected the 'shrapnel' to be a piece of the TARDIS.

Crucial arc plot point - someone contacted by the time energy cannot be forgotten if a person concentrates. The other Doctor in "Flesh and Stone" comes to mind - "remember what I said when you were eight".
Maybe it already happened as Amy didn't know about all the events that happened on Earth the past 5 years, or at least the Dalek invasion and Earth being moved.

Rory's death was a bit of a shock to me as well, do you think there's anyway for him to return, like if the Doctor finds out more about the crack and manages to avoid whatever disaster might be to come?

I liked how it was explained that the Silurians here aren't just the same ones as the first lot with just a modern prosthetic, they are actually a different race of Silurian, or Homo Reptilius.
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