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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

That's some interesting thinking regarding the engineering column and the oft-troublesome "Energizing Engineering", nice one!

A thought - did the column not also contain crucial transporter circuitry? From Enemy Within (Scott looking at the phaser damage):

SCOTT: Mister Scott, sir, on the lower level of the Engineering deck. I've found a new trouble with the transporter. The casing has a wide gap ripped in it. The main circuits have been burned through. The abort control circuit is gone altogether.
To me, it always made sense that Engineering should be so closely tied to the Transporter systems - the Transporter is a pretty hefty piece of kit after all, with what must be massive energy requirements. Did you plan to incorporate any of that into your column as well? Or is it strictly an "energizer" column?

Nice cutaway view BTW!
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