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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

Turtletrekker wrote: View Post
To Dayton Ward: According to Memory Beta, you once had annotations for "The Aliens Are Coming", "Almost, But Not Quite" and Things Fall Apart, but the links are bad. Do they still exist elsewhere?
"The Aliens Are Coming"

"Almost, But Not Quite"

Things Fall Apart

(I've edited the Memory Beta page, so the links there are correct now, too)

Turtletrekker wrote: View Post
To William Leisner: The same Memory Beta page says that you once had annotations for The Insolence of Office as well as Out of the Cocoon. Will we see them again with the (hopefully) eventual release of Slings and Arrows in trade?
He said earlier in this thread that he plans to re-post those for OotC at least:

William Leisner wrote: View Post
I also plan to re-post my lost annotations for Out of the Cocoon in time for the tpb release.
Turtletrekker wrote: View Post
To Christopher: The direct link to your "Brief Candle" notes on this page doesn't seem to work.
Works for me.

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