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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

William Leisner wrote: View Post
Bravo, Turtletrekker!

Next time you feel like adding to this, my annotations for Losing the Peace are here:

I also plan to re-post my lost annotations for Out of the Cocoon in time for the tpb release.

LightningStorm wrote: View Post
hIs 24-hour edit period is up, so I added it.
And thank you as well. Also, thanks to you and Rosalind for indulging me with this project.

I actually missed quite a few annotations. I had notes with them, but must've accidently deleted them. Luckily, Memory Beta still has them.

I was 100% positive that I had seen annotations for The Art of the Impossible. Turned out I was thinking of KRAD's acknowledgements.

I've been remiss in not thanking Memory Beta and it's contributors. It made research and cross-reference a lot quicker and easier than keeping myself knee-deep in novels for hours at a time.
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