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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Melonpool, you were right: Gorilla tape is just too shiny, and doesn't take the paint either. The sheetrock mud worked very well, and we're going with that. I have 4 gals on hand from last year's kitchen project. Bondo worked well, but was kinda tricky. Mud's tricky, too, but at least it cleans up quickly.

Widened the outside closet door which allows us to create a full-sized starboard turbolift. Caulked several seams under the console which won't be visible, but we want to make sure that light doesn't come through from underneath the panels.

Carpet guy came and took measurements of the bridge. Hope to order the carpet in the coming week. Electrician coming this week to wire the overhead lights we purchased. Going to have him fix one of the carport outlet that acts a little hinky.

Going to work on the turbolifts while the caulk and mud cure (48 hours there). Will sand and repaint on Monday. Looking forward to trying your idea on the traverse rod mechanism on the "dummy" turbolift, Melon. Should be an interesting experiment!
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