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Re: Unpopular Trek Opinions What Are Yours?

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ST5: The final frontier is a lot more enjoyable to me and thus a much better movie than either ST1: The Slowmotion Picture, STVI: The Klingon Shakespeare parable and all of the TNG movies aside from First Contact.

STVI: The Undiscovered Country is without a doubt a vastly overrated film with a ton of plot holes, that is not just horribly dated, but even performs a major character assassination on the big three: Kirk and McCoy are turned into bigots, McCoy is drunk on his job and ends up killing his patient, and Spock performing a forced mind meld on Valeris, which is the vulcan equivalent of a rape.
Eh... I wouldn't go that far. Because, if that were the case, then, as noted in this thread, Spock was already a serial rapist far before The Undiscovered Country (having mentally raped Kirk, McCoy, and a whale [it's doubtful that consent was given in that case], among others); while other Trek shows gave us such things as Soval "raping" a comatose guard at the instigation of Phlox and Trip, Tuvok crossing the line from "rough sex" to intentionally hurting his partner/victim ("Random Thoughts") during his investigation, and a Vulcan Maquis member uttering the line "We don't possess the Cardassian talent for inflicting pain... nor would we want such a talent" moments after trying to use "rape" as an interrogation technique on a prisoner.
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