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Re: 5x08 The Hungry Earth (Grading/Discussion) SPOILERS!!

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Best line in the ep:

"Oh, Ambrose, you're better than this! I'm asking nicely... put them away."

The steel underneath. Wow.
Smith's Doctor has the creepy-scarry thing going. He's your buddy, your pal, but every now and then you get a look at the insanity, the rage, boiling just beneath, and you start getting nervous about being around the guy; cause you know when he blows, he's taking everything around him with him and you know he knows and he just doesn't care.

It's a feeling that Timelord Victorious never went away, just that Doctor is resting, thinking, plotting always in the back of his mind. Time's going to be his bitch, one way or the other.
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