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Re: This season and this finale: one last thing to ponder...

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Or the writers wanted to leave leeway for fans to interpret some things for themselves, which some people are happy to do, while others would prefer getting firmer answers.
Some things I'm fine with trying to answer myself, but there are others, like my aforementioned issues about Sayid, that I find a lot more important. And it's important because it really does pertain to the character. If you just get a character who jumps through hoops or goes from A to B for no reason, then I find that to be poor character development.
As much as I loved the finale, I agree there are certain things that should have been resolved. What happened to Sayid is definitely one of those things. Whatever leftover questions there are I feel should have been answered throughout the course of Season 6, rather than in the finale. Season 6 should have had things sorted out so that in the finale we could just focus on what happens to the characters rather what had been happening all along. I still think the final episode is awesome, but I think it presumes we have answers that we don't.

Sayid turning evil. Fine. Make him evil. I don't even care if you never explain why he's evil. But why did he suddenly STOP being evil? That's what I want to know.
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