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Re: Where did Spock go?

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TOS Kirk entered the Academy at 17, was a model student, and spent four years there; that's how he managed to graduate as a lieutenant (j.g.). (This is under the official assumption that his time on the Republic, referenced in "Court Marial", when he was explicitly described as an ensign, was his Academy training cruise just prior to graduation, and actions like catching that open circuit and saving the ship contributed to his attaining Lt.(j.g.) upon graduation.)

JJ-Kirk didn't enter until he was in his early twenties and was a punk from Day One. Only in the JJverse would a troublemaker like that even graduate from the Academy, let alone at any rank higher than ensign.
This is what I dislike most about his rapid promotion. It pisses all over the hard work that original Kirk and other military officers go through to deserve their ranks.

Very often 'heroes' in modern American movies are so objectionable that I'm rooting for the serial killers and NuKirk flirts dangerously close to this, although Pine is so sweet that he manages to deflect enough of the negativity to make NuKirk endearing. There is a whiff of Bush era politics about NuKirk - he is so sure he is right that he must act unilaterally and everybody else is just plain wrong.

He should have been promoted to first officer and given a chance to mature before being placed in charge of 400+ lives with no safety net.
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