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new Star Trek TV Series To 3-D

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One of the advantages with 3D Star Trek is seeing interstellar vistas, spaceship battles, alien planets, and awesome aliens all in full-fledged 3D.
I agree. The possible conversion that this thread is about for older Trek series is not really going to look good similar to Clash of the Titans conversion after the film was shot & edited.
A live-action film shot in stereoscopic 3-D like Avatar must use a stereoscopic camera during production. There is a poll for the next film & discussion:
Poll: Star Trek 2012 in 3D, Yes or No?

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if live action 3D is too costly, then why not go all the way and make a full-fledged CGI Trek series in 3D?
Again a poll has been created & discussion within:
Poll: A Star trek CGI series

3-D in the home is going to be a niche for 5-10 years if it ever goes mainstream. I think though if things were shot in 3-D they could have people at the cinema to watch them as limited engagement events such as a pilot for a new series. CBS Television though holds the key to unlocking that box.
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