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ENTER -- TNG Avatar Contest #8: The Battle

Hello everyone, and welcome to the TNG Avatar Contest #8: The Battle. First, I would like to give one more congratulations to the winners of the last contest: Tom Riley and Tosk, as well as a double congratulations to od0_ital for winning in two categories. Good job everyone!

This week's themes are:

Episode Theme: The Battle
A gift to Captain Picard from a Ferengi military leader may have more sinister intentions.

TNG Theme: That's A New Look For You
Anything to do with a character's drastic change in appearance or attire.

Random Theme: Work
Anything related to jobs or the workplace.

Entry shall be extended this time due to Memorial Day weekend, and will close overnight on Wednesday, June 2nd. The voting thread should be up Thursday morning where the winners will be announced and awarded the Golden Data

designed by Klaus. I wish everyone good luck! Once more unto the breach, Ladies and Gentlemen...
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