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Re: This season and this finale: one last thing to ponder...

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I'll never understand this idea that people pull apart one aspect or another. You might have some saying it's all characters or some saying it's all mythology/plot, but both of those statements are just flat out wrong. Good storytelling will have an emphasis on both and will strike the right balance between the two.
You talk about plot and character like they're mutually exclusive. They aren't two equal and opposite aspects of story. Plot is merely what happens next. Characters without plot don't do anything. Plot without character is just a recounting of events about as exciting as a high school history textbook timeline. A story is a character with a goal who does something. A successful story isn't written by trying to take ingredients and "balance" them together like you're making a soup. You just need a character with a clear goal who drives the events by action or inaction. The "balance" finds itself based on the story you're trying to tell.
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