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Agent Richard07
Re: Gemma Arterton: Genre babe of the week #18 (May 2010)

Thumbs up. When I first saw the trailer for Prince of Persia, a certain raven-haired beauty caught my eye and I thought... Who's that?

I was surprised to find out it was Gemma Arterton all made up.

She looks like Monica Bellucci in the the movie clips I saw. It's especially evident in shots like this...

She looked like a classic 60s Bond Girl in this shot from Quantum of Solace...

"In comparison to many actresses I think I'm really average. When I got the Bond film there was this big hoo-ha about me not being hot enough. Like, 'Why her?' I have to say, I agree. I don't think I'm in that realm." - Gemma Arterton

Eventually, her character ended up covered from head to toe in black gold...

Fun Fact: She was born with six fingers on each hand.
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