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Re: 'Splice'

Not a review of Splice but more of an article about the film and how it came to be and the genre in cinema.
“Splice” is the type of ‘smart sci-fi that has been making a theatrical comeback of late. While it sports some impressive special effects work, with barely a half-dozen speaking parts and only a handful of locations, it is still a relatively low-budget affair.
but as “District 9,” the animated “9” and “Moon” have proven, there is a place at the multiplex for modestly budgeted, complex genre films. Another positive sign came when the post-apocalyptic project “Skyline” was sold at the Cannes Film Festival. And while it has a reportedly near-$200 million budget, Christopher Nolan’s upcoming mind-bender “Inception” appears – on the page, at least -- closer in sci-fi spirit to “Moon” than to “Men in Black.”

These movies are almost spiritual ancestors to the best of the sci-fi from the 70s and early 80s, pictures that used science and technology to illustrate socially relevant stories.
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