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Re: Hurley & Ben Spin-off?

i am imagining some dialogue, of a new castaway questioning Hurley and Ben about their relationship with the Island

Hurley: dude, i'm like the protector of this Island, protecting it from bad guys who wsnt to hurt the heart of the Island and, um, other bad guy stuff.

Castaway: Ooooookay. How about you, Ben? Why are you here on the Island?(thinking Ben will make much more sense)

Ben: Oh, where shall I start? Let me just summarize by letting you know that I helped massarcre an entire group of settlers, including my own father. Later, I wound up letting my daughter get killed by denying being her father. Then I killed the previous protector of this Island, almost let a smoke monster destroy the world. So basically, this is my community service sentence.

Castaway goes into shell shock as they realize what kind of situation they are in.
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