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Spy shows

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CBS is also in negotiations to pick up the spy drama Chaos for midseason, and USA has a spy series called Covert Affairs (starring Piper Perabo) in the works. Spy shows were all the rage this development season.
Because links are so much easier for the needs of the many.
Chaos revolves around a group of rogue CIA operatives led by Rick Martinez, who is played by Freddy Rodriguez, combating bureaucratic gridlock, rampant incompetence and political infighting. Without a Trace alum Eric Close has also signed onto the drama pilot.
Brett Ratner directed drama pilot Chaos for Fox. listings
Chaos (2010) (TV)

"Covert Affairs" (2010) (TV series)
'Covert Affairs’ stars Perabo as Annie Walker, a CIA trainee who is abruptly promoted to field operative – because, yet unbeknownst to her, a shady ex-boyfriend (played by Eion Bailey, ‘ER’) is a person of interest to the Feds.
‘Covert Affairs,’ which received an 11-episode order
Tim Matheson directed the 90 minute pilot
There is a 1 minute trailer here:
Covert Affairs Trailer
30 second 2nd trailer
Covert Affairs Trailer 2
It looks like Alias-lite. And I mean that as a compliment. The trailer doesn’t look quite as serious and complicated as Alias, but it’s not as comedic and silly as Chuck can sometimes be either. Take Alias before it got lost in the impenetrable Rambaldi mythology, add some characters approved, breezy humor and you’ve got what appears to be a happy medium. Perabo even bares a slight resemblance to Jennifer Garner in her early Sydney Bristow years with her square jaw, pouty lips and all-American girl looks.

July 13 premiere date on USA.

Dollhouse had this type of action but also had the scifi elements.

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