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Re: A Star trek CGI series

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Clone Wars could look more realistic if Lucas wanted it to. The look of Clone Wars was an artistic decision. The danger with the psuedo-realistic look is that you run into the uncanny valley.
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Despite how good you think a computer game engine is, as long as there is that much of a difference in complexity a video rendered in a game engine will always look like a game.
AviTrek that is my point. I will not discount the importance of using motion capture but that data can be used like I mentioned above.
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Resident Evil Degeneration in this behind-the-scenes video about the MoCap
We don't need the visual quality of a Trek CGI animated series to look like Wall-E or Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen or even Resident Evil Degeneration.
Does anyone even know how long it took to create the TOS-R CGI visual effects from CBS Digital? Specifically render time and what type of software/renderfarm they were using?

We need something visually 'good enough' to be able to get new Star Trek stories animated.

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I would agree only if cgi were used in addition to live actors so we could have interaction with alien creatures (ala LOTR),
This would get a lot more costly as you don't just have costumes, makeup, props, but pieces of sets to create before the greenscreen just like how Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) was made.

I'm talking completely animated CGI. They would only need to cast for voices, not visual appearance of the actors.

I think by using a in-game engine like 'a modified version' of the Unreal engine that Iron Man 2's 20 minutes of in-game cinematics [see the link at 2:08in] used it could be enough. It would be a psuedo-realistic look they they can even stylize further.
SW:The Clone Wars tv series costs $2 million an episode. This would obviously cost much less. The longer the series ran the better R.O.I. the CG models that are created would be.
Surely finding what the true audience would be and how to target this show and what channel it would be on are much harder initially as well as the crew/ship/stardate of the series and then little things like Who should voice the USS Enterprises computers? .

They even could possibly possbily have & iTunes sell subscriptions as original series download
essentially making it a fan paid-for production.

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