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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

Awesome work!

I appreciate that this thread has been made sticky, since I was a big fan of its predecessor and want to see the work continue...

I really look forward to the addition of more Strange New Worlds content. (I deliberately avoided novel-continuity references in my own story, but the events of the story itself are also easy to reference. I know a couple of SNW writers included references from their own stories when they wrote other work later.)

So, let me get this straight...Gold Key Comics and FASA get some love in more current works, but the Bantam novels don't?

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You want worms? Planet X could bring in the entire Marvel multi-verse, which has crossed over with the DC universe.

To be fair, the X-Men crossovers make it pretty clear that Earth-616 (comicspeak for the main Marvel Universe) is separate from the universe in which Star Trek occurs.

Beyond that, I think references to present-day pop culture as fiction in TrekLit is a whole other thing, which might justify its own thread...
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