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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

A few problems popped up last night....

I'm a little disturbed by a slight rattle when anyone sits down in the captain's chair. I've not attached the lighting or the arms yet, and I can't decide whether or not to rip the chair out and try again, or come up with some other approach. Glad you told us about the battery lights, because I was considering that approach instead of running electrical...

I've noticed some of the seams of the service board paneling aren't quite plush with each other, and my father-in-law said to cover them with black duct tape and no one would know they're there. Couldn't find the black duct tape, so used silver and painted it. Not good. May try just vinyl tape. May actually go get some trim or molding to use on it like we did on the helm/nav console.

For our working turbolift, we're cutting into the carport siding, and it appears to be dulling the blade at an incredible rate. I may have to buy two blades just to finish the job...


So it's going to be another long weekend in the heat....
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